Friday, May 11, 2012

Feeling better...

Finally starting to feel better. Got a huge, unplanned, but getting used to it, surprise at the beginning of March. We are pregnant with what will be our sixth child.
I cried for three days straight.
And then I felt extremely guilty about it and went deeper into the abyss.
To the point that it started affecting my work. Especially on the 17th through the 19th of April. I stopped being able to recognize that the person talking was me. It was not pretty.
I finally called for help and should be seeing someone soon. And surprisingly to me, just admitting I need help and finally making that phone call, has me feeling better.
I also changed prenatal vitamins. I stopped taking the ones with an herbal supplement. Went for about a week without any. And then found gummy prenatals which are AWESOME! I love them. The smell doesn't make me want to vomit, they taste great, and they don't give me indigestion.
Also, Artie got hand, foot, and mouth and had to be out of child care for nearly a week. So I got almost a week off work.
I'm so lucky to have such great bosses!
I'm so blessed to have such a supportive and loving husband!
I'm starting to feel happy about this gift from heaven growing inside me!

On a lighter note...
Mother's Day is coming this weekend and I am looking forward to spending some time with the moms in my life. I also got a small reminder the other day about life as a mom.
Trying to attend to nature one afternoon and my toddler starts knocking on the door crying for mommy.
And just off the cuff I started singing... (to the Beatles's "Let it be.")

Let me pee,
Let me pee,
Let me pee, oh, let me pee.
Give me some privacy,
Let me pee-ee!

It was so funny, if I hadn't already been on the potty, I would've peed myself with laughter (and a baby bouncing on my bladder).

Hope all is well and all the mom's out there have a great mother's day!