Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bet you didn't know.....

Courtesy of Audrey at Barking Mad,, I present to you my post "Bet you didn't know" for her Twilight giveaway!!!! Thank you Audrey!

Bet you didn't know........
1. I lie about my height, I say I'm 5'2" but I'm probably only 5'.
2. Even though I work in a job that requires alot of human contact and everyone thinks I'm very outgoing, I'm secretly extremely shy.
3. I love to sing but I cannot sing in front of people without getting tremble-y all over and sounding horrible. This is not the case if I'm singing for my children or if I am playing a character in a musical - for some reason, I'm fine singing in front of an audience if I am in character, because, after all, it's not really me.
4. I'm a closet Trekkie! On a trip to Las Vegas my brothers - Jimmy and Chris, and Jimmy's fiance' and I went to the Hilton for the Star Trek Experience. My brothers and I were totally going ga-ga over Dr. McCoy's medical kit when Jimmy's fiance' said, "Man, you all are geeks!"
5. I once played 9-ball with Dr. Cue and almost won.
6. I have a Mickey Mouse diploma, seriously. I have a Mouster's Degree in Business Applications majoring in Theme Park Management from Disney University. I also have a monorail co-pilot's license. I have also ridden the Tower of Terror 36 times!
7. I have hiked to the top of the highest peak in Texas, took a $99 cruise to the Bahamas with only $30 in my pocket, performed well enough to be asked to go to New York to train as an actress, went swimming with sharks, been an extra in a movie, and I love to scare my mother by walking or shopping alone at night.
8. I do not correct anyone who says I look great for having four children. (Not all these children are from this body. But I do enjoy the ego boost)
9. Contrary to what she may believe, I do not hate The Big B, I pity her. I do not condone what she has done to me, Daddy or the children.
10. I do, however, find great comfort in knowing she hates me because I am living a great life. Which I'm sure is prideful, but which I am not doing to spite her, only to improve the lives of Daddy and his children. This is the lesson I teach my children - living well is the only revenge you need and the only proof that rumors are not true

My kids love me.....Really.

B-boy woke this morning at exactly midnight to throw-up all over my bedsheets. Daddy jumped up quickly, turned on the light, grabbed B-boy and cleaned him up. I started to gather up the sheets to be washed. B-boy came back in the room, took one look at the bed and said, "G'night mama, I'm going to my bed."

Friday, March 13, 2009


Maybe it's because of my job, my office helps parents who are working or going to school with daycare costs. I'm seeing a lot more clients and several who are losing their jobs. For some reason I suddenly started panicking and decided that now was the time to put away some cash. I have a savings account, but I really just had this urgent need to start stuffing a coffee tin just like a lot of our grandmas did back in the day. Daddy and I have been paying off all our small debts with our tax return leaving us with less payments and we're using that money to pay off the bigger things. So far we've cut over $400 per month in payments. One of the places I paid off was practically begging me not to pay off my account and just use the money to earn interest in my savings account. I explained to that person that I was a banker for 12 years and I already know that right now I would actually save more money NOT paying interest than I would earn by putting the money in a savings account. I paid off another loan two days later. The second place called me not even 24 hours later to tell me that I would qualify for 4 times the amount I borrowed the first time if I came back in to re-open my account. I declined nicely. That afternoon, the first place called me to double my original loan (which was already 4 times my loan at the second place, so you can see this was a significant amount). Again I declined and I let them know that it was very nice of them to offer and I was glad to know that should I need to, I could again return to borrow from their company.
The other night I had a horrible dream: the top of the alter at the wedding was tipping over so they stopped everything till the fixed it, I'd forgotten to find the rings as had to go to Wal-Mart to buy replacements, the customer service was horrible, a gallon of milk was $12!!!! That last thought actually woke me up in terror! At least my priorities are straight, food first wedding last. I can only say that while I hope this economic crisis doesn't get worse, I'm a realist and I'm not taking chances. Whatever I can spare is going in that coffee tin.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Junk in her trunk?

My sweet BB, who never gets in any trouble at school, has gotten into trouble twice in two weeks. Usually if the school calls about Lena or Josie my immediate response to the caller is, "What did she do now?" If they call about BB it's, "Is she ok?" because I only get called for her if she is sick or hurt. Apparently those days of mommy innocence are over. I got a call from her teacher last week because she was losing lunch recess for three days. Apparently, there was a boy she was playing tag with who said to her as she ran by, "You've got alot of junk in your trunk!" Um, excuse me, but that's my (nine-year-old skinny as a toothpick) baby you're talking about. BB's response was to try to get this boy to shut up by shoving a stick into his mouth but first she pinned him to the ground. You have no idea how hard it was not to bust up laughing when she told me this. Or perhaps you do as everyone including Daddy, Brandi and Grandpa laughed their asses off! It seems only the teacher and Grandma find this to be a very serious matter. Grandpa even stated, "My baby girl doesn't take sh*t from anyone!" The second time she was under her desk during a lesson drawing on the floor with a red crayon. The teacher made her stay in for recess to clean it up and sent a letter home to be signed by a parent. I had no idea about it until the teacher called me at work to inform me that BB had forged my signature. I told the teacher (and I really did say this), "If I tell her Grandma this she'll laugh at me and tell me I got a child just like me." Yes, I will admit it! In fifth grade I forged my mother's name on a letter home about not doing my homework - in fact, I did it several times but only got caught when I tried too late in the middle of the night to sign it and it didn't come out as well at the others. At least I was very close to my mother's signature and spelled her name correctly. BB signed my name in just barely learned it cursive and spelled Cristnie. So we had a parent-teacher-student conference the next morning and determined that she was being teased by another girl relentlessly and harshly and BB was trying to find anyway to escape which led to her being under her desk drawing and forging my name to avoid losing recess to be with other children. The solution: BB will immediately tell a teacher whenever this girl teases her and start visiting the school counselor, her teacher will have her tested for the gifted program because she is very intelligent, the counselor will have a talk with the other girl and her parents, I will continue to be the supportive mom. Conclusion: pin down a boy + commit forgery = gifted program.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aaaaacccckkkk!!! I'm getting MARRIED!!!

I need some serious help here! I'm getting married. As in SOON! AS SOON AS JUNE 13TH! Why the sudden need to get married? Because I have to. And no, I'm not pregnant (at least I don't think so), besides I've already got one kiddo from this man and gained two more in the process so pregnancy is not the pushing (pun) point here. I need to get married in a hurry because I need my Dad to be there. My dad's health is not the greatest anymore. My superman who used to hang 75% out of a high speed helicopter with a giant gun in his hands is in so much pain that he is using a cane to walk. My hero who tried his darndest to save lives while he was in the Air Force is getting older. But to me 54 isn't old. Not nearly old enough. There is a chance that he might need surgery on his spine for what they think is a tumor (at least that's what they think they saw on the MRI), there is a chance he won't survive. So, Daddy and I are pushing up the wedding to June 13th come hell or high water because I want my Dad to be there. There is no point in waiting until Halloween if my Dad won't be there. So we are making June 13th our own personal Halloween.
***OK, so maybe the fates have it that I won't be married on this day because everywhere I've looked is either booked or not to my liking (yes, I'm still picky). But I think I've found the perfect place and depending on how things work out with them, I may give them some kuddos her on my blog, stay tuned. More info to come.