Friday, January 25, 2008


My mother always says that first impressions are the most important. In my opinion, that's completely wrong. Then again, if it weren't for the first impressions of my best friend, Jen and myself when we met, we would have the funny story to tell. More on that later.

So, allow me to introduce myself and my rapidly changing life.

My name is Christine and I currently work for New Mexico State University, which, ironically, is the same University I left nine years ago to get married and have my first daughter, BB. I returned to school last Fall and received my AA in December. Now I'm continuing full-time to get my Bachelor's.
I'm a former military brat and was born at Loring AFB in Limestone, Maine. Having traveled the country and Panama in Central America, my dad got stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM. I've left town several times including for college and two internships at DisneyWorld, but have always return to what has become my hometown. I left my abusive ex in Louisiana eight years ago with my baby girl and came home. My former MIL still loves me and changed her locks and told me where to find the keys once the divorce was final. About three years ago, one of my friends became my coffee-buddy, then my boyfriend, fiance', father of my second child, and will soon be my husband. With him came two beautiful little girls, Lena and Josie. Lena is his ex-wife's daughter form a previous relationship, but he's been daddy since she was two and I've been mommy for three years now. Josie is his with his ex, BB is mine with my ex, and B-boy is our together. So I went from mom of one to mom of four pretty much instantly. We have custody of all the children and have had some seriously hard times with the girls mother, hereby known as THE BIG B! So here I am, mom of four, working full-time, going to school full-time, driving a mini-van (when the Heck did that happen) to practices, and occasionally taking care of my (this can't be possible) aging parents. I'm holding too many stories and vents in my personally space (brain) so it's time to start Blogging.

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jennifer said...

I love posts like these! Glad to have found yours. Sounds like there's never a dull moment in your house. Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals and graduation!