Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Teased for the lack of Meatloaf

Our tale begins with a Schwan's catalog gently delivered into the hands of a certain co-worker eagar to place her first order. I love Schwan's for two reasons: I can do anything with their meatballs and I have a horrible knack of forgetting to thaw anything for dinner. With Schwan's I can continue my reign as SuperMom/Cook Extraordinair even with my powers of memory limited by that wonderful morning Kryptonite called "No Time." Upon its return, her order on the sticky note on the cover, and I notice that she is ordering the meatloaf. She loves meatloaf she says but doesn't have an oven in her condo to make it. I love meatloaf, too and the Schwan's ones are great because I've never made meatloaf. A stunned silence fills the air.
"What do you mean you've never made meatloaf it's delicious and so easy?"
"I've just never made a meatloaf, I probably could, I just never have."
"You, who bakes and cook everything have NEVER made meatloaf?"
"I know. I can make a Turkey Roullade but I've never made a meatloaf."
"Oh, that just....not American!"
Perhaps one day I'll make a meatloaf. Until then, I'll let the Schwan's man fulfill my meatloaf dreams and I'll go bake an AMERICAN apple pie!

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