Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aaaaacccckkkk!!! I'm getting MARRIED!!!

I need some serious help here! I'm getting married. As in SOON! AS SOON AS JUNE 13TH! Why the sudden need to get married? Because I have to. And no, I'm not pregnant (at least I don't think so), besides I've already got one kiddo from this man and gained two more in the process so pregnancy is not the pushing (pun) point here. I need to get married in a hurry because I need my Dad to be there. My dad's health is not the greatest anymore. My superman who used to hang 75% out of a high speed helicopter with a giant gun in his hands is in so much pain that he is using a cane to walk. My hero who tried his darndest to save lives while he was in the Air Force is getting older. But to me 54 isn't old. Not nearly old enough. There is a chance that he might need surgery on his spine for what they think is a tumor (at least that's what they think they saw on the MRI), there is a chance he won't survive. So, Daddy and I are pushing up the wedding to June 13th come hell or high water because I want my Dad to be there. There is no point in waiting until Halloween if my Dad won't be there. So we are making June 13th our own personal Halloween.
***OK, so maybe the fates have it that I won't be married on this day because everywhere I've looked is either booked or not to my liking (yes, I'm still picky). But I think I've found the perfect place and depending on how things work out with them, I may give them some kuddos her on my blog, stay tuned. More info to come.

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