Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bet you didn't know.....

Courtesy of Audrey at Barking Mad,, I present to you my post "Bet you didn't know" for her Twilight giveaway!!!! Thank you Audrey!

Bet you didn't know........
1. I lie about my height, I say I'm 5'2" but I'm probably only 5'.
2. Even though I work in a job that requires alot of human contact and everyone thinks I'm very outgoing, I'm secretly extremely shy.
3. I love to sing but I cannot sing in front of people without getting tremble-y all over and sounding horrible. This is not the case if I'm singing for my children or if I am playing a character in a musical - for some reason, I'm fine singing in front of an audience if I am in character, because, after all, it's not really me.
4. I'm a closet Trekkie! On a trip to Las Vegas my brothers - Jimmy and Chris, and Jimmy's fiance' and I went to the Hilton for the Star Trek Experience. My brothers and I were totally going ga-ga over Dr. McCoy's medical kit when Jimmy's fiance' said, "Man, you all are geeks!"
5. I once played 9-ball with Dr. Cue and almost won.
6. I have a Mickey Mouse diploma, seriously. I have a Mouster's Degree in Business Applications majoring in Theme Park Management from Disney University. I also have a monorail co-pilot's license. I have also ridden the Tower of Terror 36 times!
7. I have hiked to the top of the highest peak in Texas, took a $99 cruise to the Bahamas with only $30 in my pocket, performed well enough to be asked to go to New York to train as an actress, went swimming with sharks, been an extra in a movie, and I love to scare my mother by walking or shopping alone at night.
8. I do not correct anyone who says I look great for having four children. (Not all these children are from this body. But I do enjoy the ego boost)
9. Contrary to what she may believe, I do not hate The Big B, I pity her. I do not condone what she has done to me, Daddy or the children.
10. I do, however, find great comfort in knowing she hates me because I am living a great life. Which I'm sure is prideful, but which I am not doing to spite her, only to improve the lives of Daddy and his children. This is the lesson I teach my children - living well is the only revenge you need and the only proof that rumors are not true


Brans said...

those are really interesting, you are living an exciting life! Oh and I'm 5' too *shhhh*

Deb said...

I am routinely accused of being very outgoing and carry with me the deep, dark secret of painful shyness, as well. Good for us!

P.S. You won my kiddie crack giveaway, and I'm going to throw in another one of The Ambassador's favorite videos (which I accidentally have two copies of -- don't ask), because no mother should have to suffer through only one new video at a time. Email me your address: (Thanks for reading me!)