Friday, June 12, 2009

47 Hours Left!

In less than two days, I will be a married woman! And still there is so much to do.
Every few minutes, I'm getting a text or phone call from someone asking if I have this or that. Honestly, I was really just going to the "simple" wedding, but I've come to realize there is no such thing. I completely forgot the following: toasting glasses, garter, and how did we want to be introduced after the ceremony. I finished baking and frosting the cakes last night, today I will roll, press and place the purple fondant and box them. I must also complete the fairy wings (but I'm honestly wishing I could just go buy some) and alter two of the girls dresses. Then I just need to pack, load up the van tomorrow, pick up the flowers and my dress and be on my way! Tomorrow afternoon, I can take just for myself. I'm just hoping I can sleep!

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