Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding and Twitter

For some reason it came to my mind today: what would I write if I tweeted my wedding? Not that I would actually do that. Could you imagine someone tweeting during their own wedding? So I figured I'd write what I would say if I actually did tweet my wedding.

OMG! Didn't think I'd actually eat today but waffles are good!
Hotel showers = endless hot water
Just my luck, cut my leg shaving. Ouch!
Getting the kids hair curled, loverly.
Loverly just got that "I'm getting married in the morning" song stuck in my head.
Stupid fake nails are making things hard.
Off to Mountain Annie's to set up candy buffet
Quick dash for some lunch then to the beauty salon
Why can't my hair look this good everyday!?!
Back to Mtn Annie's to get dressed
My little ones look georgeous and my best friends too.
First time seeing all my guest in their costumes!
Did I forget to mention its a Masquerade Ball?
Mom on the left, Dad on the right, here we go down the aisle.
Daddy looks so handsome. Crap! I'm gonna cry!
I think my sixpence just fell out of my shoe.
The officiate is my brother but I can't hear anything, brain is buzzing.
Here's my cue.........I do! (Hell yes, I do!!!!)
Yea! He said I do too! No turning back now.
My ring fits perfectly. Thank you yoga instructor, Michelle!!
Turn and see all those smiling faces, I think my dad is crying.
This is so different from the last time I got married, this time is right.
To the reception!

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