Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's

On my office door this morning was a note saying, "Happy April Fools Day." Then I opened my door. Strewn all over the floor, desk, chairs and computer were bright colored shredded paper strips. The button on my computer was taped, the phone was taped down and so was the mouse. As I worked through my morning I discovered that my top drawer of my desk was taped shut and my calculator tape was also taped in such a way as to keep everything printing on the same line. Then I was printing documents for a client---on multi-colored paper (pink, yellow, and orange)! I'm pretty sure that was everything, but I'll likely find more as the day goes on. This same scene played out in two other co-worker's offices as well probably because we were all out yesterday afternoon either for a meeting or illness. The culprit? Our wonderful boss!!!
In retaliation, we have taken all the shredded paper from our three offices and strewn it all over her office, including her plants. We bought 30 pink and green balloons which are all over her ceiling. We Saran Wrapped her car and hid Vaseline under the driver door handle.
I can't wait to see her reaction!
....keep you posted!

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