Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Ow!

This has been a very fun month. April Fool's for the boss went over great she just doesn't do balloons. Her husband even came out to take pictures of her car on his cell phone! I tried on my wedding dress this weekend and it fits everywhere except for my boobs. Figures. It's hard to find anything to fit over these things AND the rest of my body. With normal boobs, I'd probably fit in a size 8 or 10. My breasts are a size 34DDD, that's right, three D's. Depending on the bra style, sometimes a 36DDD. And yes, they're real. So my wedding dress needs to be altered about 2 1/2 inches for my boobs. Either we'll add a "V" shaped panel on each side under the arms or add loops and ribbon for a corset look to the back. I've also joined a gym in the hopes of maybe reducing the ol' gals, though the last time I just lost weight everywhere else but the ladies. Daddy is not looking forward to a possible reduction of fluff in the "love pillows."
Easter was great and as soon as I can, I'll post pictures. The Ow? My mom saved some cascarones from when we made our own last fiesta. Cascarones are eggs shells that have been carefully cracked open (eggs used for breakfast or whatever), cleaned out, filled with confetti, and sealed with tissue paper. It's loads of fun trying to sneak up on someone to crack it over their head and rub the confetti into their head. The usual way of cracking the egg is to squeeze it till it pops but some people will just smash the egg on your head. Josie, however, being small and just learning these traditions, came up with her own way when trying to surprise Daddy. Daddy was in Grandma's refrigerator squatting to look for something on the bottom shelf and Grandma took the opportunity to help Josie sneak up on him with a cascarone. Daddy was within reach for her. Josie stuck her head around the corner and said, "Daddy" and when Daddy looked up, Josie threw it at his head like she was pitching for the Yankees! The egg hit Daddy on the forehead, cracked, bounced over his head spilling confetti on him and the kitchen floor before landing about two feet behind him. Daddy had a small bruise on his head and said hit hurt. Grandma and I were dying with laughter. After she recovered, Grandma suggested to Josie that perhaps Daddy needed a kiss on his boo-boo. So Josie went up to Daddy to kiss it better but stopped said, "Eeww, Daddy you have confetti on your head" and refused to kiss him cause he was "gross!" This, of course, sent us all into a laughing tizzy and Grandma just about peed her pants! Perhaps we are on our way to creating our own baseball team, Josie can pitch!

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